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Invest in Training

For all businesses, and particularly for smaller ones, our hiring decisions are usually based on the talent and experience presented by the candidates we interview and ultimately hire. While that talent will take them to a certain point of success in our respective organizations, the truly successful companies focus on honing that talent via formalized training. Here are some sound options to consider when your mission is to further develop your team:

  • The advent of the webinar puts professional development one mouse click away. The benefits include on-demand training options that can be accessed when it is convenient for the student, usually in small enough segments to absorb and act upon with relative ease. The cost usually runs anywhere from free to perhaps a few hundred dollars. Focus on accredited sources, as well as those who justify their titles as subject matter experts.
  • Open-to-the-public training events are running in most markets weekly. These sessions range from the 90 minute variety, usually produced by a local chamber or business group, to those being produced by professional organizations and training companies. The longer the event the greater the potential learning experience – provided of course that the majority of the topic matter is at the right level, towards the right topics, taught by the right instructor.
  • Private group training is a solid approach towards offering YOUR people concentrated training, ideally in a way that is built to suit your style and culture and needs. Half day by itself will get you some solid progress. Stringing a bunch of classes like these together over a quarter or ½ year, say once a week to once a month, will yield even better results as this approach reinforces concepts previously covered while also building on them. As aside I am not a fan of full day sessions – too many distractions and the loss of the day and the resulting impact trumps anything possibly gained.

The investment in training and development could be the most important thing your business does each year. The ROI, when done strategically and correctly, can be huge in the form of better performing leaders and staff, resulting in a better performing business.

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