Senior Compensation Analyst Requirements: -100K -20+ years of experience required. -Bachelors Degree in Human Resources required. -Must have relevant compensation experience. -Experience working in a compensation consultative role with the HR community. -Proven use of analytical skills in past professional positions. -Proficient in Excel. -Excellent written and verbal communication skills. -Experience with the administration of Sales Incentive Plans. -Experience with an ERP/MRP System. Job Duties: -Proactively identify compensation needs of the organization while effectively applying the research and analyses toward the successful development and support of new or modified compensation programs for North American salaried and/or hourly employees. -Working closely with the HR community will advise and make recommendations regarding compensation plans and issues. -Serve as a consultant and subject-matter expert to HR generalists, management and employees. -Effectively plan, set priorities, and manage several projects simultaneously while working under pressure to meet deadlines. -Conduct market analysis on all US salary structures (including Sr Management, exempt, and non-exempt). -Make recommendations, implement changes, and assist in communicating changes to the organization. -Contributes to non-executive position descriptions and evaluations. -Drives the development, installation and administration of base pay and variable compensation programs; including sale incentive plans. -Deliver compensation training and guidance to business units as needed. -Monitor legislative and legal actions ensuring compensation plans are compliant and market competitive. -Provide communication and rollout of incentive and variable pay programs. -Participates in third-party compensation surveys to obtain current data for job evaluations ensuring the organization’s competitiveness in the market place. -Compiles, analyze and evaluate the survey data. -Interact with HR, internal departments, and outside consultants/vendors on issues related to sales incentive compensation administration processes.

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